Collegiate and professional sports programs use DEXA technology to identify the efficacy of performance and nutrition plans on body composition goals.


No technology is better equipped to reveal vital information about the spine than the safe, effective, and patient-friendly DEXA.

Cosmetic Surgery

As a component of life-affirming cosmetic surgery, a DEXA machine can help continue a patient’s evolution with ease and comfort.


A DEXA machine delivers a competitive contrast any professional trainer, gym, or CrossFit center needs in a hot market.

Functional / Integrative Medicine

DEXA's visibility enables Integrative and Functional Medicine practices to focus on the overall wellness of a patient through an evidence-informed approach

Nutrition & Weight Loss

With precision that cannot be matched by outdated devices or ineffective formulas, DEXA delivers quantifiable support for body composition improvements.


A brief DEXA scan can help prevent fractures and other issues related to the musculoskeletal system.

Pain Management

The effectiveness of DEXA technology means the root cause of a patient’s debilitating pain has far fewer places to hide.

Primary Care / Internal Medicine

Treat the whole patient with technology capable of helping them improve practically every aspect of their physical health.


Combat osteoporosis using DEXA technology by charting each patient’s bone density.

Regenerative Medicine

DEXA-provided data on bone mineral density (BMD) and body mass index (BMI) are essentials tools in revitalizing patients.

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