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Want to help your Patients?

  • Can you currently measure your patients’ 3 critical health markers?
  • Did you know 1 in 2 women over 50 are at risk for an Osteoporotic fracture?
  • Want to help reduce your patients’ risk for Heart Disease and Type II Diabetes?
  • Want to learn why Pro Sports teams rely on DXA for training their athletes?

Want to help your Practice?

  • Looking for a Windows 10 Upgrade path for your DXA?
  • Looking to expand services to generate more revenue?
  • Want to learn how to market DEXA to gain new
  • Is your DXA down or in need of service?


“I Promise, You Will Dramatically Change the Lives of Your Patients when You Follow the DEXA Plus Program.”

– Tony Orlando, Founder of DEXA Plus

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