We Help You Transform Lives & Your Practice with the DEXA Plus Business Growth Program.

We will help you change lives and reduce the frustrations of running your practice with our proprietary tools and programs designed to help you improve the lives of your patients.

Trusted by thousands of doctors, health centers, universities, the NFL, the NBA, MLB, and many more.

  1. 24 years of experience as an industry leader with more placements than any company besides the manufacturer, helping customers in all market segments, from franchising DEXA body composition businesses, pro sports teams, D1 athletic programs, hospitals, imaging centers, executive health, sports medicine, fitness, age management and concierge medicine programs
  2. Access to state requirements for navigating state regulatory requirements for DEXA
  3. All strategies and content developed and proven through helping other customers first-hand and building our own Health and Wellness Company, FitBody360
  4. Personal experience of utilizing DEXA to achieve and maintain health and fitness, including 90 day transformations
  5. Comprehensive approach with access to CME-accredited webinars, online training modules and business strategies to ensure success in addition to on-site manufacturer training
  6. Committed to educating consumers on the importanceof DEXA through various mediums including podcasts (example below)
  7. Development of DEXA+ website as an educational and marketing resource to our customers and their clients
  8. Ongoing support and expertise for DEXA plus other services that can be offered in health and wellness industry, including RMR testing and nutritional programming and VO2 max testing for exercise efficiency
  9. Access to financing partners with flexible options available with $0 down, 90 days deferred payment and low interest rates to help with healthy monthly ROI
  10. The bottom line:we can save you on unnecessary costs like franchise fees found in other models by helping you build out your DEXA program a la carte with the focus on telling your story.


Our Mission is to help you with a full business solution that improves your patients’ lives and your bottom line.

Custom Roadmap

Provide you with step by step support to implementing DEXA into your practice.

Insider Marketing

Provide you with a DEXA specialist, education, marketing, customer pricing and support.

Latest Trends

Most recent news, capabilities, and support service to keep you in front of growth.

The Most Trusted Dual Energy Xray Absorptiometry Scanner (DXA or DEXA)

DEXA Plus is a trusted resource to the leading concierge and regenerative medicine practices and athletic performance programs nationwide that are implementing DEXA scanner technology to improve their clients’ lives.
Our mission at DEXA Plus has been to show our clients full business solutions to ensure positive client and financial outcomes including a step-by-step approach to implementing DEXA into your business.
We help you with educational services for both the client and the business owner, social media marketing, customer pricing, and sales support. DEXA Plus is the go-to guide for the latest news, capabilities and support services for DEXA customers.
For those who have owned a DEXA scanner solely for the purpose of bone density, we are here to show you new ways to optimize its utility through body composition testing, visceral fat quantification, abdominal aortic calcification, additional fracture risk capabilities plus marketing support and services to implement these services into your business.
For those new to DEXA machines, we can show you how to implement what is considered the gold standard in total body measurement technology by attracting new clients for baseline testing and retaining quality clients for follow up scans. DEXA can be the cornerstone for your practice and other complementary services that can build a healthy return on your clients’ investment in their health and your investment in your business.

1. Weight Loss
2. Fitness
3. Visceral Fat quantification for cardio-metabolic risk assessment
4. Muscle symmetry for athletic performance, growth and development

Financing for Your DEXA Scanner

You Opened Your Practice to Make a Difference.

Whether you are a Physician, Chiropractor, own fitness facility, or any other health specialist office; you didn’t start your practice to fight with insurance refunds, deal with the mountain of paperwork, and struggle with low profit work. We hear more now than ever that doctors and health specialists struggle to have the opportunity to make a REAL impact in the lives of their patients. They continue to get buried with Red-Tape while losing focus on why they got into the business of helping people live a healthy life. DEXA Plus (Dual Energy Xray Absorptiometry) plus expert cash-based growth consulting is their solution.

Join thousands of physicians and health specialists, just like you, who have successfully used DEXA to improve change lives and improve their practice.

Why Fit Body 360 Chose DEXA Plus

Burt Vauchamp founded Fit Body 360. It’s a fitness training studio that helps clients achieve greater heights of health and wellness with verifiable results. To help differentiate Fit Body 360 in a crowded fitness field, Vauchamp turned to DEXA Plus outfitted with powerful software that allows Fit Body 360 to: 1. Identify bone mineral density, muscle mass, and the dangerous visceral fat that envelopes organs 2. Provide excellent precision with an extremely low radiation dose 3. Scan a person within mere minutes and produces a full-color report that clearly lays out its findings Thanks to DEXA Plus, his revenue stream is diversified, and he makes a quantitative impact with his clients. Vauchamp says, “This gives us really good data to show them. . . We approach every client individually and make sure that we give them the best possible solution.”

Why Fit Body 360 Chose DEXA Plus

– Tony Orlando, Founder of DEXA Plus

What Makes DEXA Plus Different?

No other Dual Energy Xray Absorptiometry (DXA or DEXA) machine company out there will give you the level of service, care, and guidance that DEXA Plus provides. Over 20 years of helping Doctors redefine how they use DXA machines will help you revolutionize your practice.


When you purchase or lease a DXA machine with us, you receive expert coaching from our experienced DEXA business growth specialists. Your personal specialist will help guide you and give you the tools you need to successfully run your practice.


Our exclusive partnerships give you the lowest payment options available. Get your DEXA scanner for less.

Receive unlimited access to our insider secrets portal. Learn from other practices see massive success.

How to Elevate Your Practice, Fitness Center, or Business

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Our DEXA Plus specialist will provide you with a custom plan to grow your practice and give you the best DXA scanner price options available.

Step 3: Get Started

Your personal DEXA specialist will guide you along the way to maximizing your cash-based practice and transform the lives of your patients.
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