DEXA is a diagnostic tool for measuring bone mineral density and body composition. It plays a valuable role in sports medicine and sports science through the evaluation of athletes’ health. Monitoring body composition and bone health in athletes is beneficial for many reasons. 

How DEXA Works

Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) uses low-dose x-ray technology to produce pictures of the inside of the body. DEXA scan results divide the body into 3 compartments: fat mass, lean mass, and bone density. In both sports medicine and the wider healthcare industry, DEXA is considered the gold standard body composition measurement tool for athletes. Approximately 40% of sports medicine professionals use DXA for measuring body composition.

Bone Density Testing in Sports Medicine

Athletes can use bone density testing to assess skeletal strength, risk for osteoporosis, and overall bone health. This is crucial for certain athletic populations with a greater risk of low bone density and osteoporosis, such as long-distance runners. DEXA scans can provide critical data regarding athletic conditioning, training outcomes, and rehabilitation progress. Scans will reveal decreases in skeletal muscle mass or bone mineral density that could be detrimental to athletic performance, which becomes more common as athletes age. Bone testing is important to prevent injuries and aid in the recovery process.

Body Composition Testing in Sports Medicine

DEXA scans also measure body composition, which can help guide training and performance plans. Results reveal muscle asymmetry, which impacts athletes of all sports. Athletes can use the data to alter their training program to gain more symmetry and ultimately prevent injury. 

It’s also important for athletes to keep track of their muscle and fat percentages throughout the duration of a training and nutrition program, as it will affect their performance. With DEXA’s precise technology, athletes can map muscle gains in specific areas of the body, and track the body’s physiological response to a diet or fitness plan. Athletes can enhance their training to ensure they are in peak health and shape for their seasons, as well as reduce their risk for injury. Data from scans can be useful to medicine professionals, personal trainers, and coaches to provide guidance on how best to avoid future or repeat injuries before they happen.

DEXA Scan Support For Sports Medicine Practices

In the world of sports medicine, DEXA scans allow us to understand how diet, lifestyle, and exercise programs impact overall health and human performance. Add a DEXA scanner to your sports medicine practice and transform the lives of your patients. Learn more about our pricing and financing options at


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