What to look for with Imaging Medical Equipment Service

medical equipment service

Medical equipment service can be a pain for healthcare providers. Even worse, medical equipment downtime.

Medical equipment overtime requires maintenance checks to prevent downtime. There are various maintenance checks you can do to enhance the efficiency of medical equipment to prevent chaos and ensure longevity; they include, corrective, operational, preventive, and predictive maintenance.

Corrective Maintenance

Corrective maintenance is done when the technological capacity of the medical equipment malfunctions.

Operational Maintenance

Operational maintenance is usually done by the user of the medical equipment, your task includes changing of filters, running electrical systems checks, and routine cleaning.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is carried out to prevent medical equipment failures without prior notice.

Predictive Maintenance

While, predictive maintenance preempts medical equipment failures through regular monitoring, running system diagnosis and performing corrective or preventive maintenance when the medical equipment shows red flags.

All this might sound cumbersome for a health care provider to handle, this is why a service contract must be signed with a trusted medical equipment service company. A service contract with a trusted medical equipment service provider will reduce maintenance costs, reduce downtime and prevent redundancy

What do you gain by signing a contract?

Signing a contract with a trusted service provider will greatly reduce your maintenance budget. This is possible if all the maintenance procedures outlined above are followed.

If you want to save big on maintenance costs then you are advised to use the services of Dexa Plus, a trusted medical equipment service provider.

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