In a recent interview, Dr. Peter Billing from Transform Weight Loss talked about the benefits of using the DEXA scanner and it’s advantages in weight transformation.

“DEXA scan is a fantastic tool to measure body composition”

Dr. Peter Billing

In weight loss, people use diet and exercise to lose weight.  For most, this is a hopeful process that they will shed pounds and lose the apearance of fat on their body.

According to Dr Billing, “When somebody’s losing weight, they will want to know if they are losing the right type of weight.  You don’t want to lose your lean body mass (that means muscle mass) you want to lose fat. ”  This raises the question of how can a person know what type of fat they are losing.

Dr. Billing confirms that the best way you can measure your body fat is with the use of the DEXA scanner.

What is it like to have a DEXA scan?

In the video, Dr Billing shows the machine.  He shows were the person lies.  Informs us that it is about a ten minute process to scan. The end result is that the machine can measure the fat from your body; head to toe.

Visceral Fat

“One of the worrisome things is visceral fat.”

One of the worrisome things is visceral fat. That’s the fat that’s inside and around your solid organs and your abdomen. As we know, that is associated with different types of diseases. So even though, you’re maybe at a healthy weight or your body mass index shows that you you’re a little overweight, but if you have too much visceral fat, that’s a bad sign.

What to expect from the DEXA scan

They next show a willing participant that demonstrates the process of being on a DEXA scan.

About ten minutes later, Dr Billings is able to go through the report with her, covering overall body fat, amount of visceral fat, mass weight of your muscles and bones together and some improvement techniques.

Next Steps

If you’re looking to make a real difference in the lives of your patients, start measuring their bone health and body composition with a DEXA scan.

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