How A DEXA Scan Machine Boosts Revenue For Your Business

You got into the medical, health, or fitness industry with the hopes of changing lives for the better. A DEXA scan machine can help you not only improve the health of your patients but can boost your revenue and grow your practice. The global DEXA market is expected to reach $1.2 billion by 2024. This growth is driven primarily by the health issues that will organically rise as the geriatric population grows. By 2030, seniors are predicted to outnumber children for the first time in U.S. history. Additionally, there is an increasing awareness surrounding health and fitness, with data suggesting that the pandemic has led to a higher interest in physical activity. We’ll look at how adding a DEXA scan machine to your practice increases revenue.

Attract New Patients

Incorporating a DEXA scan machine into your practice will give you an advantage over other wellness or medical centers. It will open your practice to new patients by catering to a range of interests. While DEXA scans have traditionally been used to measure bone density, they also determine body composition. Body composition information is valuable for athletes, trainers, fitness enthusiasts, or people looking to gain or lose weight. Having the exact measurements of their lean muscle mass and body fat helps patients refine their diet and exercise regimen to get their desired results. You’re missing out on tapping into an entire market without a DEXA scan machine.

Expand Revenue Streams

A DEXA scan machine diversifies your revenue streams by providing a range of services that benefits multiple business types. Offering more services gives your patients more options and opens new avenues of growth for your practice. DEXA’s capabilities can be bundled as a package or included in a client wellness program. For example, you might partner with a personal trainer to offer clients a tailored fitness and nutrition program after the initial DEXA scan. The range of tests available to patients provide a reliable ROI.

Advanced Technology

DEXA scan machines are on the cutting-edge of new technology, offering unrivaled accuracy. Implement the latest advanced technology to give your practice a competitive edge. DEXA scan machines are continuously evolving to meet the needs of patients and practitioners. They are the most detailed, accurate, and simple test for bone density and body composition. Their ability to identify visceral fat and combat chronic diseases makes DEXA scan machines indispensable to any practice as we build a healthier future one patient at a time.

Increase Your Revenue With A DEXA Scan Machine

When you purchase a DEXA scanner, you’ll receive expert coaching on the tools you need to successfully grow your practice. If you’re ready to optimize your health program and increase your bottom line while improving the lives of your patients, contact DEXA today.


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