Have everyone you know send a letter to Congress, literally takes 10 seconds. This is about preserving the point of care for DEXA Scanning and will affect our parents, grandparents and eventually us.

Have all customers and clients also fill out Tell Us Your Story. Many complain about reimbursement cuts, here’s the chance to tell how its affected them and to make a positive change.

New Co-Sponsors
Your emails are helping to generate support for increased DXA reimbursement.  In fact, Reps. Black (R-TN), Culberson (R-TX), Noem (R-SD) and Wagner (R-MO) have all signed on to HR 2461 over the last few weeks. Additionally, Rep. Courtney (D-CT) signed on late in September. This brings our sponsorship to 24 and we need to continue to build on this momentum.
  • Share with as many people as possible.
Thank you for your continued support on this important issue.