What is Dexa?

DEXA — dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry — advances diagnostics and clinical decision-making capabilities thanks to minimally detectable x-ray scans that identify a person’s:


Bone Density


Visceral Fat


Muscle Mass

The Patient Experience


An Empowering Overview

Patients learn how DEXA technology helps prevent or combat debilitative health issues.


Simple Streamlined

Swift and non-invasive, few procedures boast a DEXA scan’s ease and comfort for patients.


A path to wellness

A DEXA report is easy to understand, supporting the development of an effective health plan.


What Patients See



Customize scan results for the exact needs of each patient.


Identify the specific composition — fat tissue, lean tissue, etc. — of the arms, legs, trunk, abdomen, and hips.


Gauge the progress of a patient’s health or athletic improvement with comprehensive graphs and charts.


Fracture Risk

Determine a patient’s 10-year fracture risk based on World Health Organization standards.

Muscle Loss Risk

Determine the presence of sarcopenia, a degenerative loss of skeletal mass, quality, and strength.

Resting Metabolic Rate

Ascertain the rate at which a patient burns calories while at rest.

DEXA vs Other Body Comp Methods

Body Scan


No other technique comes close to a DEXA scan’s precision. A DEXA body composition scan can:

Identify the exact location and amounts of health-damaging fat throughout your body.

Raise a red flag when bone density and muscle mass reach dangerous lows

Methods used in the past carry serious shortcomings.

BMI Formula

The popular body mass index (BMI) formula used to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy weight is more than 180 years old.

The popular body mass index (BMI) formula used to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy weight is more than 180 years old.

Hydrostatic Underwater Weighing

This technique requires submersion into a tank of water three times.

Patient discomfort is notable: patients must expel all the air from their lungs and remain motionless while being weighed … and they must do this three separate times.


Imprecise locating of the appropriate areas to measure renders the test practically worthless.

Formulas used as a part of this test require assumptions that do not apply to every person being tested.

Charting your way to revenue


Expand your services

A robust feature list, relative ease of use, and reasonable footprint mean you can begin offering new services almost immediately.


Attract Ideal Clients

Offering DEXA body composition scans extends your practice's reach to just about anyone who is interested in bettering their own personal health.


Depend Less On Reimbursements

Bill patients directly without the time, effort, and aggravation — for you and the patient — associated with insurance billing procedures.


A team of experts by your side

It’s only natural to have questions when introducing a new service to your practice. That’s why our 30 years of cumulative service and support to physicians and the medical device industry makes the DEXA+ team your ideal resource.

Evolve your patient care