DEXA Plus – One Stop Technology For Weight Measurement and Control

DEXA Plus – One-Stop Technology For Weight Measurement and Control

The World of medical technology is developing at a fast pace, and inventors and innovators are finding new and functional ways to tackle problems that were once too difficult to handle. One such area where quite a lot has been happening over the last few years is in the area of body weight control. Body fat is one thing that so many people have to battle with daily. It doesn’t just make wearing your dream clothes difficult, but it also often comes tied to health risks like high blood pressure, heart diseases, diabetes, and even cancer in its worse scenario. This means that people have to continually battle to remain in shape, whether through nutrition or exercising.

This is not to scare you, but trying to lose body fat can involve a pretty complicated process sometimes. It is not just about having to stick to different food plans or the tough exercises that you have to subject yourself to. Sometimes, it is the fear of not knowing the exact parts of your body that has more fat than the other. While the use of scale for measuring the total weight might have been a thing for a while, it is only a useful method when you want to know how much you weigh in total. How about moments when you want to score yourself against your weight loss goals. How about when you need to know which part of the body has more fat, and which has more muscles. This is where the need for a more sophisticated machine that can measure fat in specific parts of the body comes in.

A typical example of how knowing the exact location of fats in the body can make the difference can be seen in the lives of Josh and Amanda Isenhardt, as reported by Jennifer Wilson on Action News. This is a couple that spent years trying different weight reduction programs, all to no avail. According to them: “it was a frustrating experience trying all they could do to get rid of the fat that was genetic and finding only minimal success in it. It meant years of battle, until recently when they met therapists that introduced them to nutrition and exercise they enjoy to help them lose weight. The secret to their dramatic weight loss is not only in the diet and exercise but also in a newfound technology that helped them pursue their weight loss goals – DEXA Scanner.

What Is DEXA Scanner

DEXA is a high-tech, low-radiation full-body Xray machine that is built to accurately take and report an incredibly accurate measurement of bone density and body fat composition. Unlike the regular scale, DEXA scanner is designed to break down the exact number of fat available in different parts of the body, helping clients to understand where needs to be worked more on, and where they do not. This is a technology that uses X-rays to accurately measure body fat, mineral composition, and lean muscles in all the parts of the body. Just like any other Xray, this scan takes only a few minutes. The scan emits a very low amount of radiation. Hence its use in research settings.

In the cases, of Josh and Amanda, this was a technology that made a difference. By knowing the exact parts that need more working on, they were able to get even weight control all around there body. Today, Amanda is back to swimming, while Josh is back to his favorite sports – gymnastic, and both of them now have excellent shape. All these are possible thanks to the DEXA scanner that does the extra to ensure total weight control.


There are already tons of ways to accurately measure the percentage of body fat. While some are offered at costly amounts, others are offered at affordable rates. The new DEXA scanner is a new technology that has proven to be very useful as long as this course is concerned. The problem, however, is that you will need to pay so much in medical settings to access this technology. But Health 360 offers you an opportunity to get out of your issue at an incredibly affordable amount. Getting back to the shape you desire is finally in your hands.


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