visceral fat

Having a little body fat is healthy. However, you must realize that all fats are not created equal. While there may be healthy fats that don’t cause any harm, there are other types of fat that cause severe risks to the body organs. This is where a knowledge of visceral fat and subcutaneous fat comes into play. Both are types of body fat, but one appears riskier than the other.

While the subcutaneous fat consists of belle fats, arm fats and leg fats stored under the skin, visceral fat is the one stored inside the abdominal cavity.


According to Dr. Mary Oates, this Visceral fat is often located new vital organs like the intestines, liver, and stomach. When much in the body, this fat can begin to build up in the arteries. This kind of fat is often referred to as active fat because it is often associated with some severe health issues.

The massive problem with visceral fat is that it cannot be seen. Unlike Subcutaneous fat, Visceral fat hides away in locations where it can hardly be seen, yet it is the most problematic kind of fat. This is where the need for special equipment that can view and tell the amount of visceral fat in the body.


CT and MRI scanners would be great for measuring fat, but they involve costly and time-consuming procedures. This is why medical providers will typically opt for the use of general guidelines to evaluate the level of visceral fat in the body. While this method may often seem effective, it comes with its danger. The danger of it is that you can’t tell the exact amount of visceral fat. You can also not say where precisely the visceral fat is located. Hence, you will not know what exercises and food nutrition can help.

The good news, however, according to Dr. Oates, is that visceral fat is pretty easy to shed. All it requires is a change in your diet and more targeted exercises. But you have to know where the visceral fats are located.


The DEXA scanner is a new technology that helps to quickly check the body for total body fat, total muscle mass, and bone mass. It also tells you the exact amount of fat in the body and points you to areas where they are located. Another fantastic thing about DEXA scanning is that it is very affordable compared to MRI scanning. It is the perfect solution to tracking body fat when you intend to do something about it. It is best used to document the process in your weight control program.

This is a technology that is quickly changing the way bodyweight is measured and handled. So far, it has proven to be a miracle in conventional medicine.

Latest DEXA scanners measure:

  • Visceral Fat
  • High insulin levels
  • Body Composition
  • Bone Density

If you’re looking to make a real difference in the lives of your patients, start measuring their bone health and body composition with a DEXA scan.

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