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Body composition technology can benefit both your clients and your business model. Whether your health practice is focused on nutritional coaching or fitness training, expanding your services to include body composition analysis can help bring new revenue while helping your clients make positive health and lifestyle changes. 

An often overlooked feature of body composition analysis is the visceral fat scanner. Read on to learn about the importance of measuring visceral fat, and how a visceral fat scanner can benefit your business.

What Is A Visceral Fat Scanner?

DEXA scan machines are one of the only body composition tools that include a visceral fat scanner. Visceral fat is hidden deep inside your abdomen and surrounds your inner organs. Unlike subcutaneous fat, it’s not easy to gauge how much visceral fat someone has just by looking at them or calculating BMI.

Visceral fat is of particular concern because it can disrupt bodily functions and is a key indicator in a variety of health issues such as heart disease, metabolic syndrome, and type 2 diabetes.

How Does a Visceral Fat Scanner Benefit Your Business?

DEXA scan machines detect the presence of visceral fat, which can help urge clients in making positive health or lifestyle changes. They also offer comprehensive body composition analysis, allowing clients to gain insight into their muscle and body fat percentages.

Working with your client, you can use this information to create a tailored fitness and nutrition plan for their individual goals. When coaching clients, it’s important to emphasize optimizing their overall health and wellness over just losing weight. Understanding metrics like body fat, muscle mass, and metabolic rate is crucial to supporting their long-term goals. 

Using their DEXA scan report, your clients will be able to actively track their progress over time. Seeing tangible results through changes in fat and muscle can help motivate them to stay on track with their plan. Demonstrating clear results will reinforce how your program will put them on the path to reclaiming their health.

Adding a visceral fat scanner to your practice will allow you to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of your programs. By improving your programs, you’ll be able to retain your customers for the long term and encourage repeat service. Body composition technology can help you stand out from the competition as well. You’ll increase your revenue streams, all while continuously supporting your clients’ health and wellness journeys. 

Transform Your Practice With DEXA Plus

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