Tech Tip | Failing trend analysis on your QA report

Tech Tip | Failing trend analysis on your QA report I see a very common problem that can easily be prevented, and I thought you might be interested in the following solution.  Sometimes the QA reference graph becomes overpopulated and fail. This happens a lot when the system has not been regularly serviced and QA means reset.

Trend analysis will fail along with BMC, BMD, and you will instantly think to call for service.
Instead, first try these simple steps.
  1. Options
  2. User options
  3. Click QA tab
  4. Click QA means
  5. Click reset means

This will start everything back at zero and your next QA will start a new plot. This will alsoreset the numbers to fall within tolerance.

Another possibility of ‘failing trend analysis’ is due to the QA block condition. It may possibly be cracked and/or was dropped causing internal damage.

For more information on this issue or any parts questions, feel free to contact me personally.

Steve Adams, Parts Manager

Email [email protected]

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