Tech Tip | Easy fix for wavy images DEXA

I see a very common problem that can easily be prevented, and I thought you might be interested in the following solution.

Has your GE Lunar Bone Density system developed a wavy image? Lost sight of the edge detection?

Tech Tip | Easy fix for wavy images DEXA

Over time, the system will develop what is called a “wavy image” meaning the edges of the bone are not clearly defined. This happens due to normal use and variances of the tube and detector.  The first thing that many people will do is order a detector – replace it to try to find out, however it does not correct the problem.  Before you do this, try what’s called a ‘Hacksaw Complete’ test.
This test uses the aluminum calibration standard.  The test is run by adding a patient named ‘Hacksaw Complete’ to the database and select the scan site named Hacksaw Complete. Service mode is required to do this.  The aluminum step wedge is used to improve bone-edge detection.
Once completed, the test gives you a ‘Pass’ or ‘Fail’.  With a Pass, your image will become normal again, and with a Fail, it will point you in the direction of what part you should then request.
For more information on this issue ‘Easy fix for wavy images DEXA’ or any parts questions, feel free to contact me personally.

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