Tech Tip | Avoid costly power surges to your DEXA

Tech Tip | Avoid costly power surges to your DEXA

No one wants to reschedule patients or risk damage to an expensive bone density unit due to a basic power-surge that could be prevented.

Power fluctuations can directly damage any electronic device that is plugged into the wall.
A Power Conditioner protects your DEXA from surges and power outages.

A power surge, or power fluctuation to a DEXA can be very costly, and yet easily avoided if the proper precautions are taken in advance.
In order to avoid power fluctuations, our technicians highly recommend that every bone density system should, at all times, be connected with a power conditioner.  A power conditioner helps regulate the voltage so its steady and consistent.  If a DEXA system experiences a power fluctuation, the system could error out thus result in direct damage to a part, cause delays in patient scanning, and costly repair bills.
The line voltage requirements for bone density equipment is 120 volts, 20 amp dedicated line. With multiple devices on the same circuit it will drag the line voltage down causing the line voltage at your DEXA unit to become below 120 volts or what we term as “dirty power”.
The power conditioner will regulate the volts to a stable 120 volts. The power conditioner will also protect the DEXA from surges and power outages. Without a dedicated line, a power conditioner is not just highly recommended, it should be required.
With the winter months ahead, yet true with really any season, we can experience all kinds of crazy weather and more often than not, power fluctuations. It is a wise investment to add a power conditioner and be confident that you can assure for proper functionality of your bone density equipment year round.

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