The technology – known as DXA or DEXA Scans – is recognized as the best method to measure your body fat percentage, metabolism and fitness.

Trainers use DXA to clearly see where a player carries fat, muscle and bone. The DXA machine is a bone densitometer that uses low-dose radiation to scan a player’s body composition. Bone densitometers have an optional software package that measures body composition. This knowledge is beneficial toprecisely monitor how an athlete is training and what adjustments should be made.

Complete Medical Services is the leading provider of bone density equipment and also the exclusive provider for the DexaFit organization – a body composition and body fat testing center with locations throughout the United States.

Recently, Nick Roach, a middle linebacker for the Oakland Raiders, said “DexaFit’s my first stop at the beginning of each offseason for my baseline fitness testing. The data and feedback from my reports are like a GPS for planning my workouts in the gym and on the field.”

Body Composition is the basis for a person’s overall health and wellness. Specifically, body composition testing determines how much of your body is fat and how much is lean mass – calculating the ratio of one’s fat to lean mass. DXA provides a very detailed analysis that identifies the percentages of body fat, lean mass, and bone mass, as it relates to total weight.

At the conclusion of the 2015 NFL Draft, Oakland Raiders Head Coach Jack Del Rio spoke to the media,

“It’s a great time to be a Raider … I feel great about the entire staff. Having Joe Gomes and his staff come in has been a very important part of the process, what we have underway here, in terms of nutrition, in terms of the facilities and the weight room and what we’re doing with those guys, the routines, the things that we’re exposing them to and the different things we’re doing with the training and the conditioning, the body composition – all of those things. He has taken that to another level. I think all of our guys will benefit from that, so he has done a great job.”

Later Coach Del Rio added,

“We asked our guys to come in and eat right and train hard, and then I really trust [head strength and conditioning coach] Joe Gomes and his staff to help us establish healthy, productive weights for our guys … As you know, Khalil [Mack, a linebacker] doesn’t carry a lot of body fat. He’s added some lean mass and he’s put on good weight. We feel good about where he is.”

As muscular tissue takes up less space than fat tissue, our body composition, as well as our weight, will determine leanness. Body composition is the foundation for overall health and wellness analysis and improvement.

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