Is Refurbished Imaging Equipment A Good Investment?

If you are reading this post then it is likely that you are in the market to replace your old or outdated imaging machines that are broken down or no longer meet accreditation standards or the changing demand of your customers. If this is true, you might want to know what are the best options available to you; well you can either purchase a brand-new machine but if you can’t afford one of those you should consider buying a refurbished MRI or CT machine. The question now is; are refurbished machines a good option and worth the sizeable investment?

First off, you should know that other practices such as yours are taking this option and a result we see this trend continue to grow

Why Is This?

The demand for refurbished machines is on the up and up for various reasons but one obvious reason is that they are a cheaper option than ordering a brand-new CT or MRI machine and according to an expert in this industry, customers this option allows customers or practices to purchase refurbished machines with up-to-date technology.

Another reason for this trend is because experts anticipate that in the coming years, there is likely to be an increase of people that will require imaging diagnostics. The reason for this forecast is because; if health care reform passes vetting in the U.S. Supreme Court, it is likely that there will be a very significant increase in the number of patients that have access to health care services, which should, in turn, impact the imaging diagnostic industry.

What Exactly Is Refurbishing?

Some folks feel that refurbishment is a fancy word for used equipment but the fact is, refurbished imaging equipment actually go through a process that will transform an older machine, into a newer model considering that some of the companies that manufacture the machines and also offer refurbishment services, upgrade the software and hardware of the machines being refurbished, which means it is more than giving an old equipment a new paint job and they even have warranties similar to new machines.

So, in all, for facilities that don’t have enough budget to purchase a new CT or MRI machine, the refurbished option is actually a good idea and should help your facility brace up to demands and give your customers the best experience.

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