How To Get a Return on Investment on DEXA

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How To Get a Return on Investment on DEXA

With the increasing popularity of DEXA as a technology that can be used to measure fat circulation all around the body comes the need for most doctors to own it. The issue, however, is that this technology is still costly to purchase, and a lot of doctors are already asking questions on how they can get their returns on investment when they use DEXA. Here, we will try to review some simple Marketing DEXA practices that every doctor can follow to ensure favorable returns on investment when they use DEXA technology. Take a look at them:

Get The Right Device

It is a no-brainer that getting the right device can help to ensure that it works well for a long time. Beyond that, however, more patients are drawn to you when they see that you have equipment with the exact features and specifications that they like. With the right DEXA scanner comes an assurance of professionalism to most patients. Of course, with more patronage comes a better return on the investment scale.

Get Your Staff Excited About The New Technology

As insignificant as this may seem, it is one of the biggest keys to achieving a more favorable return on investment with DEXA. There is a need to create a vibe around the technology long before it is actually purchased. By carrying staff along, you are not only encouraging them to use the technology, but you are also stealthily telling them that they can go and advertise your use of the technology outside. One recommended way to create anticipation among employees is by engaging them in challenges. Through these challenges, they get to see how effective the technology can be. Hence their confidence to preach it anywhere.

Host a Prelaunch Party

Hosting of a pre-launch party is one way that has proven to be effective for a while. By making announcements on social media and sending out invitations to your patients, you are creating massive excitement around the technology. This way, people get to know about the new technology in town, hence, their desire to try it.

Work With Brand Ambassadors

Having someone go out of their way to promote your DEXA business will help you get better engagements from the public.

Social Media

Of course, social media has to be there. Make use of the different social media platforms to promote your center. The more people that are able to see your business (whether online or offline), the more patients you can expect.

Overall, the pursuit of more returns on investments is something worth pursuing. Every marketing DEXA practice involves letting people know about it. There’s probably no way to do this for this technology that by getting people to use it.


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