Are Dexa Scanners A Profitable Investment?

If your practice is feeling stagnant and you’re looking for a way to grow and boost revenue, investing in a DEXA scanner may be the best move. DEXA scanners are the most accurate way to identify the three critical health markers of bone health, body composition, and visceral fat. 

It is a simple, quick, non-invasive, and painless scanning procedure. There is no requirement of anesthesia and the amount of radiation used is extremely small and safe. They can be highly profitable investments for businesses because of their versatile applications and ease of use.

DEXA Scanners For Bone Density

Medical experts consider DEXA scans to be the most accurate test to measure bone density and diagnosing osteoporosis. The bone densitometer market is projected to reach $378 million by 2027. The increasing geriatric population and prevalence of osteoporosis is driving the predicted growth. As people live longer, the pervasiveness of certain health conditions will rise, increasing the demand for DEXA tests. This makes investing in a DEXA scanner particularly profitable for physicians, hospitals, and clinics with a consistent client base aged 65 and older. Bone density tests are recommended every two years, although those with higher risk factors or undergoing osteoporosis treatment may require tests more frequently. Follow-up DEXA scans should be ideally undergone at the same location, ensuring repeat patient visits.

DEXA Scanners For Body Composition

DEXA scans also measure body composition, breaking down the percentages of lean muscle mass and body fat. For patients looking to gain muscle or lose fat, routine DEXA scans can help them fine tune their fitness and nutrition plan to meet their goals. The range of affordable tests that can be made available to patients provides reliable revenue diversity. You can create a body composition package that includes nutritional counseling and personal training, with a maintenance monitoring schedule every 30 days to track patients’ progress. By offering more services, you’ll attract more clients and referrals, boosting revenue while making an impact in the lives of every patient.


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