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  • Did you know 1 in 2 women over 50 are at risk for Osteaoporotic fracture?


What is the Next Generation Dual Energy Xray Absorptiometry Scanner (DXA or DEXA)?

DEXA scans provide a unique three compartment model for the most accurate and precise segmented analysis of body fat percentage and lean tissue (arms, legs, trunk and total body), visceral fat quantification in the abdominal region, and bone density scoring for key regions of interest (AP spine, hips, forearm).

With DXA you can offer baseline testing and track progress in critical regions of interest such as:

1. Fat loss in key areas to reduce health risks

Body composition scan by DEXA Plus

2. Muscle imbalance and sarcopenia in legs to prevent falls and injury

3. Visceral fat (VAT) measurement for cardiometabolic risk assessment

Visceral fat test by DEXA Plus

4. Muscle symmetry for athletic performance, growth and development

5. Bone density and fracture risk assessment for women and men over 50

best bone density scan by DEXA Plus
dexa plus scanner

The latest in DXA technology, the Hologic Horizon systems, now offer unique features including:

+ 500 lb weight capacity
+ Up to 216 detectors
+ Windows 10 integration
+ Dynamic, continuous calibration
+ Total body scan time as fast as 3 minutes
+ Bone density scan time as fast as 10 seconds
+ New Atypical Femur Fracture View
+ New Aortic Calcification View
+ FRAX 10-year Fracture Risk Assessment
+ Customizable reporting and ROI
+ NHANES reference database of over 20,000 individuals
+ Clearly defined thresholds for Visceral Fat Classification to determine risk for CVD

Learn how we have helped thousands of physicians and health specialists just like you attract new clients and maintain healthy patients.

Why Dr. Davis Chose DEXA Plus

Dr. Christopher Davis held stints at Johns Hopkins/Sinai Hospital (where he was named Chief Medical Resident) and the University of Virginia. Dr. Davis has first-hand knowledge of how ailments such as metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease can wreak havoc on patients.
Incorporating a DEXA Plus machine into his practice has given Dr. Davis a market advantage over other wellness centers. It opened his practice to fitness enthusiasts, expanded revenue streams, and scientifically-backed patent data.

“I Promise, You Will Dramatically Change the Lives of Your Patients when You Follow the DEXA Plus Program.”

– Tony Orlando, Founder of DEXA Plus

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