Tony Orlando Talks About Cash-Based Practices With DEXA on Boston Biolife

Tony Orlando Talks About Cash-Based Practices With DEXA on Boston Biolife

For a while, Fitbody360 has been in the limelight for its incorporation of Dexa scanning into its process. As expected, a lot of people are happy about the development. More people are even impressed by founder, Tony Orlando’s resolve to ensure that the service is offered at a price everybody can afford. With this technology, people can now have access to accurate statistics about their body fat and the parts of their bodies where they need to target their fitness programs.

Recently, Tony Orlando features on Boston Biolife’s podcast, where he talked about the cash-based practice of how medical practitioners can ensure that the DEXA scanner is providing them with enough returns. He talked about a step by step approach to the possibility of getting more returns on investment from offering DEXA scanning services. Here, take a look at a summary of the steps he talked about.

Cash-Based Practice – Steps to Monetizing The DEXA Scanning Process

Step 1: Acquire The Right Device

Tony Orlando talked about acquiring the right device as the one sure way to earning good returns. He opined that clients would be generally attracted to your center when they are confident of your technology. Tony talked about staying with new or manufacturers’ refurbished equipment that has the right software to meet the needs of clients. He advised against buying used equipment in the open market, as they often come with outdated software and would not provide the features that clients are ling for.

Step 2: Include The Right Features

It doesn’t just end in the purchase of the right machinery. There is also a need to include the right features. Clients will come when they know that the feature they sort after is offered in your facility.

Step 3: Work Towards Creating a Culture of Health and Wellness

Here, Tony talked about encouraging patients to immune the habit of health and wellness. He advised that patients be thought as clients and practice member since it gives them a sense of belonging and make them know that coming for such scans doesn’t mean that they are sick.

Step 4: Get People Excited About The Technology

He also talked about getting people excited about the technology as a way to make them come. If people are excited, they will not hesitate to speak to their family and friends about it. With this increase, publicity comes more clients for you and more returns.

There you have it, some essential cash-based practices shared by Tony Orlando to help fitness facilities and medical practitioners earn more from offering DEXA scanning services.


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