Regenerative Medicine and Your Practice

  Regenerative Medicine and Your Practice   Regenerative medicine is one of the most promising medical developments the field has ever seen. No less an authority than Mayo Clinic calls it “a game-changing area.” You entered the field to provide precisely the sort of relief regenerative medicine not only promises but delivers in many cases.  […]

4 Ways to Talk to Patients About DEXA Body Comp Scans

If you offer DEXA body comp and related services to patients, you already know how capable the machine is in identifying health and wellness warning signs. You also know how it can change lives for the better. What you might not know is how to find the time to develop ways to engage patients in […]

5 Ways DEXA Supports New Revenue Streams

An American Medical Association survey1 found that a desire to help people is the driving force behind many of the people who choose medicine as a career. But even with such a desire leading the way, business operations must also demand their fair share of attention to ensure that selfless decree can be heeded. That’s […]

The Ultimate Health Machine

Key features that make the GE Lunar iDXA ideal for patients and practices today It’s difficult, if not impossible, to overemphasize the benefits of the Lunar iDXA with CoreScan, GE’s flagship dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry system. Combating metabolic diseases, caring for an aging population, and addressing growing obesity rates requires the best technology medicine can offer. […]

An A.P.T. Approach: 3 Essential Elements of Today’s Concierge Medicine Practice

The numbers are sobering. In its most recent biennial physician survey, The Physicians Foundation discovered that: 54% of physicians rated their morale as either “somewhat negative” or “very negative.” 49% of physicians often or always experienced feelings of burn-out. 49% of physicians would not recommend medicine as a career to their children. Little wonder, then, […]

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