Ditch the Bathroom Scale For a DEXA Body Composition Scanner

If you’ve been following a consistent fitness and nutrition plan for a while and aren’t seeing the results you’d hoped for, it’s time to get curious about your body composition. Body composition refers to the percentage of fat, bone, and muscle in your body. Knowing those exact measurements can help you tailor your workouts and eating habits to achieve your desired results.

How Do You Measure Body Composition?

Bathroom scales are the most common method of tracking changes in body composition, yet your weight doesn’t reveal the exact ratio of fat or lean muscle mass. You could be stronger and more physically fit, but your weight might not reflect your lifestyle changes. Skinfold calipers are tools that estimate overall body fat from thickness measurements of subcutaneous fat. However, they can be inaccurate and they don’t indicate total body fat percentage or the presence of visceral fat. 

The most accurate method is a body composition scanner. The DEXA body composition scanner is the gold standard in body composition measurement. It tracks changes in muscle mass and body fat through x-ray technology, generating a detailed report for each individual. A DEXA scan will give you a highly accurate baseline to help you achieve your goals. You can alter your eating plan and training programs based on your body composition scanner results. 

DEXA scans also monitor the presence of visceral fat, and provide VO2 and Resting Metabolic Rate testing. They are a powerful motivation tool that can be used to evaluate overall health risks, as well as track the progress and effectiveness of dieting and exercise. No more wondering whether your efforts are all for nothing, with the DEXA body composition scanner you’ll know exactly what is or isn’t working. 

How Often Should You Get a DEXA Scan?

After your initial DEXA scan, wait at least 12 weeks until you have a follow up scan. This will give your body enough time to experience physiological changes in muscle and fat mass which can be detected by the DEXA body composition scanner.

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