AI in Healthcare: America Medical Association Augmented Intelligence Recommendations

AI in Healthcare: America Medical Association Augmented Intelligence Recommendations

To understand AI in healthcare you need to de-construct the myth surrounding Augmented Intelligence.

What is Augmented Intelligence?

Augmented Intelligence is the use of information technology to amplify human intelligence. Augmented Intelligence in healthcare simply uses machine learning technology to amplify already existing healthcare intelligence.

Recently, the advancement of AI in health care necessitated the recommendations provided by the American Medical Association for strict adherence to the proper use, oversight and accountability of Augmented Intelligence in Healthcare.

Their endorsement of the guidelines comes amid the successful inroads AI in healthcare has made in providing standard patient care with increased exponential growth, satisfactory improvement in working conditions for physicians, and an improvement in the need to prioritize population health care, at reduced cost margins.

The American Medical Association made the following recommendations

  • They underscored the need for risk assessment to be carried out on AI health care systems through oversight and regulation. They want clarity to be provided for AI in healthcare regarding automation procedure, deployment conditions, and transparency. Also, they desire clarity on equity, efficacy, and safe practices.
  • They desire clarity on how payment and coverage on Augmented Intelligence systems complied with Federal Legislation and Regulations as well as State Legislation and Regulations.
  • Other recommendations AMA provided include the provision of cost-effective methods for small scale physicians
    • The introduction of favorable policies that don’t scrutinize physicians not yet on board with AI in healthcare
    • They want liability on any incidence that may arise using AI in healthcare to fall on the developers of autonomous AI systems
    • They want guidelines for the use of AI in healthcare to be developed by existing Medical experts utilizing autonomous systems
    • They want a greater collaboration between Federal, Medical community, other players in the industry to improve AI in healthcare so that it becomes easily accessible to patients and physicians.

The world is changing rapidly, and health problems are evolving, Augmented Intelligence in healthcare will provide a greater understanding of medical challenges and provide solutions in the future.

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