Our Mission

To show physicians full business solutions that ensure positive patient and financial outcomes by:


Providing step-by-step support to implementing DEXA


Offering education, marketing, customer pricing, and sales support


Delivering the latest news, capabilities, and support services for DEXA+ customers

DEXA+ is a trusted resource to the leading concierge and regenerative medicine practices and athletic performance programs nationwide that are implementing DEXA technology to improve their clients' lives. Our mission at DEXA+ has been to show our clients full business solutions to ensure positive client and financial outcomes including a step-by-step approach to implementing DEXA into your business. We offer educational services for both the client and the business owner, social media marketing, customer pricing, and sales support. DEXA+ is the go-to guide for the latest news, capabilities and support services for DEXA customers.

For those who have owned a DEXA solely for the purpose of bone density, we are here to show you new ways to optimize its utility through body composition testing, visceral fat quantification, abdominal aortic calcification, additional fracture risk capabilities plus marketing support and services to implement these services into your business. For those new to DEXA, we can show you how to implement what is considered the gold standard in total body measurement technology by attracting new clients for baseline testing and retaining quality clients for follow up scans. DEXA can be the cornerstone for your practice and other complementary services that can build a healthy return on your clients’ investment in their health and your investment in your business.

The Dexa+ Story

Our health is often the first casualty of the frenetic pace of life today. Driven to serve our families, communities, and jobs, we deprioritize personal wellness. DEXA+ came about, in part, by our desire to change that — for ourselves and others.

Meet The Team


Jim Dalton

Practice Development Specialist

Tony Orlando

Practice Development Specialist

Kim Kvalheim

Practice Development Specialist